Poetre offers innovative spa treatments to beautify your body and mind that combines the finest traditional products with state-of-the art modern treatment technologies. All the indulgent spa treatments are inspired by the real traditional Indonesian way of our ancestors. For centuries, Indonesian women have utilized natural herbal concoctions, creams and oils to enhance natural beauty and to maintain health. It is the real traditional aromatherapy experience using carefully applied spinal pressure to target the nervous system, easing away the day's stresses and strains and bringing body and mind back into balance. It will revive your senses and leave you feeling relaxed and vibrant.


Experience beauty and tranquility beyond words and imagination, pamper and rejuvenate yourself inside and out like the touch and caress of a mother's love for the perfect outcome that satisfies your senses.


The experience of our range of treatments will give you a never-to-be forgotten feeling of tranquility and total relaxation. All these heavenly treatments are delivered in an awe-inspiring and tranquilizing ambiance with relaxing tunes and indulging aromatherapy experience, to calm the senses. The ultra luxurious treatment perfected by the sensation of the touch of our professional therapists. This will transfer positive energy and balance yin yang.